When is the camp open?

     In 2017 our OutofDOORS Youth Summer Camp will begin the week of June 25th and will run through August 4th. During the week of the 4th of July we will be observing Independence Day, therefore no camps will be in session. Our shoulder season, where the Cedar Lake Outdoor Center is available for lease, is weather dependent. Usually we can host groups from the second week of May until the third week of October. (Notice: While the OUTofDOORS Youth Camp is in session we cannot host outside leasing groups)


Where can I register my child for camp?

     Just print and complete this form and mail it to...

ATTN: Michigan OUTofDOORS Youth Camp
2101 Wood St.
Lansing, MI 48912


Is payment required at time of registration?

                OUTofDOORS Youth Summer Camp- Yes. Due to a high registration demand we now require payment to reserve a space for your camper. Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. We take credit card over the phone or check by mail. Please do not mail cash! MUCC has a strict no refund policy for all campers.

                Leasing Groups- After completing an application and receiving approval from the Cedar Lake Outdoor Center Director a security deposit of $450 is required in order to finalize all reservations. In the two weeks after your stay the remainder of your payment is due.


Are there scholarships available?

     Some limited scholarships are available through the generous contributions of our members to those families in need. You may contact the OUTofDOORS Youth Camp Director, Tyler Butler, at the MUCC office if you would like to apply for assistance. Also by partnering with SCI-Novi we are able to offer 80 paid scholarships to youth ages 9-14 who are interested in learning more about hunting. Please visit the Riley Wilderness Youth Camp page or download this file for the application.


Can my child room with a sibling or friend?

     Yes. We will do our best to have your child in the cabin with whom they would like. Please indicate on registration form if you would like your camper to be grouped with a specific friend or family member. Campers are grouped by age and program.


My child has already passed Hunter’s Safety. Are they required to take it again?

     No. If your child has already passed Hunter’s Safety they will not have to take it again. They will participate in a course designed around the principles of Leave No Trace. However, if they do not have their Hunter Safety Certification they will be highly encouraged to take the course.


Who do we contact if we have further questions?

     You may contact Tyler Butler, MUCC MOOD Youth Camp Director, at (517) 346-6462 or by email at tbutler@mucc.org if you have further questions about programming or the camp experience.


What should my child pack for camp?

     Check out our summer camp packing list!


What are the procedures for checking my child in and out of camp? 

     Camper Check-In- Sunday at 3:00 pm. Campers must complete the check-in process no later than 4:00 pm. We respectfully ask that all parents and guardians depart the property by this time. This insures adequate time for campers to settle into bunkhouses, meet counselors, and complete their swim tests.

     Camper Check-Out- Friday at 11:00 am. Friday of departure, campers will eat breakfast then we invite you to join us for a closing ceremony at 10:00 am. You are welcome to attend the ceremony with your camper, however, we request that you do NOT arrive earlier than 9:30 am as not to disrupt the campers awaiting your arrival. Camper check-out will begin immediately following the closing ceremony. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN YOUR CHILD OUT BEFORE LEAVING. NO CHILDREN WILL BE RELEASED TO THEIR PARENTS UNTIL AFTER THE CLOSING CEREMONY.


What will the day to day schedule look like for my child at camp?

     Camp Sample Daily Schedule!

6:30 am Sunrise Swim (optional)

7:00 am Wake Up

8:00 am Breakfast

8:30 am *Camp Programs

12:00 pm Lunch

12:30 pm Feet Off The Floor (Break)

1:30 pm Hunter Safety/Leave No Trace

2:30 pm *Camp Programs

6:00 pm Dinner

6:30 pm Hunter Safety/Leave No Trace

7:30 pm Free Recreation

8:30 pm Campfire

9:30 pm Cabin Time

10:00 pm Lights Out

*Camp Programs are assigned based on the camp your child is attending by the Camp Director. A few examples of these activities include, but are not limited to: canoeing/kayaking, fishing, archery, fire building, shooting, wild edibles, hiking, arts and crafts, camp games, and guest presentations.


What will my child be eating at camp?

     Here is a sample of our camp menu in 2016!


How do I check my camper for lice?

     Each child that comes to the Cedar Lake Outdoors Center must go through a medical screening the Sunday of check-in. This medical screening is to make sure that we understand your campers needs for a successful week! The screening will also include a head lice check by trained staff. Along with being sure that all of the medical paperwork in the registration is completed it is also the parents responsibility to make sure their child is free of lice before camp begins. A CHILD SUSPECTED OF HAVING HEAD LICE SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CAMP. 

     To check your child for Head Lice simply use a fine comb to part your child's hair. While doing so observe the scalp and area near the root of the hairs. Lice will be tan insects the size of sesame seeds attempting to avoid being seen, while knits (eggs) will be smaller white pods that are seemingly stuck to the root of the hair near the scalp. Common place for knits are behind the ears and on the back of the neckline. Here is a helpful video we use to train our staff!