2017 Day camps:


Day Camp     $180     Ages 5-8

Session     Dates

DC1          June 26th-30th        9:00am - 4:00pm 

We are on an adventure to discover the outdoors for the younger campers.  During this week campers will explore the world around them, and have the chance to get hands on with nature.  Campers will spend time each day learning about a different area of Michigan’s ecosystem.  One day they will learn about bugs and slugs, another about Michigan mammals, they will spend time swimming in the lake and even doing some nature arts and crafts. They will also spend time canoeing and learning basic archery.  All of these activities are designed to create a connection with the environment to encourage enjoyment of the outdoors.

*Parents you must provide a sack lunch and afternoon snack each day.


2017 Week Long Residential Overnight Camps:


Conservation Connection Camp     $380     Ages 9-11

Session     Dates          

CC1          June 25th-30th         

CC2          July 9th-14th            

CC4          July 23-28th *Riley Wilderness Camp 

This camp could be considered our sampler camp. It offers younger campers ages 9-11 the opportunity to learn survival, orienteering, archery, canoeing, shooting sports and fishing in a safe and positive environment. Campers will have a great week sampling a variety of hands on outdoor activities while identifying what their true outdoor interests are. Come grab a paddle, bow or rod and head out with us for a fantastic week of fun.


Fishing Camp     $380     Ages 9-11

Session     Dates           

FC1         June 25th-30th

FC2         July 9th-14th      

Grab a tackle box, jump in a canoe and join in as we set out to fish our way through Waterloo. Throughout the week we will introduce campers to Inland Fishing and provide the opportunity to begin thinking about angling in a new way. Many campers will have “fished” before, and this week long camp will show campers that the adventure is just beginning with the casting of your line. New and exciting activities like collecting aquatic insects and fly tying will give new understanding and experiences to each camper who attends.


Wetland Wonders     $380     Ages 9-11

Session     Dates        

WW1        June 25th-30th

Join us as we get wet in the wetlands! Michigan is the Great Lakes State and water surrounds us.  This camp is designed to get kids exploring the water, in the Waterloo Recreation Area.  Campers will spend time learning about bog ecology, exploring a nearby swamp, learning about aquatic plants and animals, fishing for bass and bluegill on Cedar Lake, swimming, kayaking, canoeing and even learning about macro invertebrates (aquatic insects).  This camp is designed to get the kids out on the water and having fun.


Fantastic Forests Camp     $380     Ages 9-11

Session     Dates

FF2           July 9th-14th

New for 2017 we will be exploring the world of Michigan forests. Campers will spend time learning about the amazing forest ecosystems that Michigan has to offer. We will focus on what types of animals live in a forest, and learning about native plants and trees from around our state. Campers will also have the chance to learn from foresters and loggers about the importance of the forestry industry in our state and get hands on using equipment and tools that foresters use to manage healthy forests.


Hunting Heritage Camp     $380     Ages 12-14

Session     Dates          

BGH3        July 16th-21st        

BGH5        July 30th-August 4th *Riley Wilderness Camp  

This fun filled week long adventure gives campers an opportunity to develop their skills as big game hunters. Throughout the week, campers will work with experts in animal identification and tracking, while learning valuable hunting techniques and strategies. In addition to earning their hunter safety card, campers will be taught the importance of equipment selection, participate in archery and small bore rifles and spend time identifying their role as stewards of the land.


Primitive Skills Camp     $380     Ages 12-14

Session     Dates                   

PSC3         July 16th-21st    

PSC5         July 30th-August 4th

Wise resource use is the definition of conservation and in this camp you will learn all about using a resource from start to finish. Beginning at the range, campers will practice their shooting and archery skills then head out to learn wild edibles, fishing with poles made from things found in nature, animal trapping, and even wilderness survival skills.  


Fur Harvesters Camp     $380      Ages 12-14

Session     Dates          

FHC3          July 16th - July 21st         

Join us for an exciting program where campers learn the essentials of becoming an ethical trapper.  Experience and learn first-hand how to set trap lines on land and in the water. Campers will learn about the importance of taking proper care of skinning and tanning an animal pelt. They will also develop scouting techniques on how to trap certain animals and learn about the history of Michigan’s trapping industry. Campers will also have the opportunity to become a certified trapper.


Stewards in Training Camp Ages     $425     Ages 13-15

Session     Dates     

SIT3         July 16th-21st

SIT5         July 30th-August 4th      

This one week program offers campers an opportunity to develop leadership skills in an engaging natural setting. Campers will spend the week learning how to work together as they tackle challenging tasks like a high ropes course. The highlight of the week is a 15 mile overnight backpacking trip designed to challenge campers both physically and mentally. Acting as stewards for camp they will work together to create and complete a project designed to improve communication skills, problem solving skills and teamwork that is essential for their role as conservation stewards.


Counselors in Training     $400     Ages 15-16

Session     Dates      

CIT5         July 30th-August 4th

This one week program offers seasoned campers the opportunity to develop as knowledgeable Junior Counselors for the next camp season. Throughout the week, Counselors-in-Training campers (CITs) will refine their knowledge on camp curriculum while learning various skills, techniques, and attitudes that will benefit them the following year as Junior Counselors. This camp is designed to give participants the skills they will need to become future camp counselors.  It will also focus on the importance of sharing conservation ethics with others.


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